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Tax Settlement – Self Assessment

Anyone who conducts business, knows that every year must submit a statement of revenues and expenditures and to account for the HM Revenue & Customs.

However, income tax preparation is not just deducting the cost from the amount of income and calculation of the amount of tax. Do tax settlement is thinking of a number of factors, accurate examination of bank accounts, the situation of the owner of the business. The more experienced accountant performs the settlement of the less

Tax Returns – Tax Settlement

Persons employed under an employment contract in May escorted sometimes too much tax. That is why we come down to us from the P45 and P60 documents to ascertain that there should be a refund of overpaid tax. This applies especially to people who have not worked the full fiscal year with one employer, or changing jobs or not have worked well throughout the year as the person who paid too big of withholding tax.

Tax settlement company – Ltd, partnership

For businesses, Ltd, LLP, and we settled the annual Partnership HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House Depending on the size of the market and individual needs We also offer monthly records revenues and expenses,the quarterly settlement of VAT, Payroll (squares), CIS contractors and settlement of Directors of their incomes. With an experienced and proven staff provide your company a comprehensive accounting service.

Financial and bookkeeping services

  • Consultation (30 min)
  • Registration CIS- contractors and subcontractors
  • Registration of Limited Company, LLP, Partnership
  • Registration of new employers
  • Preparing a business plan
  • VAT registration
  • PAYE Registration

Pension and life

Given the different needs of customers, especially their safe and prosperous future, we also offer the best pension guaranteed by the international distribution network Compensa, a leading insurance company in Europe, which is an expert in the field of insurance, financial planning and retirement planning. This knowledge and experience we want to share with customers in many countries, including the UK and Poland.

Applications about benefits

  • Child Benefit
  • Tax credit, Child Tax Credit
  • Maternity
  • Allowance for newborn-baby bonus
  • Housing Benefit
  • The submission of an application to housing council

Our office provides assistance in obtaining benefits due. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of what benefits we advise our clients are able to obtain and filling out applications, we contribute to their receipt.

Other services

  • Submission of applications resident EEA1
  • Submission applications for permanent residence EEA3 – residency
  • Submission of applications and E301 EHIC card
  • Arrange meetings at NIN
  • Registration SE
  • Writing a letter to the institution in the UK on behalf of a client
  • Phone call to the institution in the UK on behalf of a client
  • Exchange of driving licenses
  • Translations of documents into English or from English into and from Polish also a certified translation
  • Preparing an application to obtain a CSCS card
  • Repetition of the CSCS Exam


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